I just love to be BADD

I’m here at a crunchy earth festival attempting to help wake up the earth. Like any good crunchy person I want a lovely warm season of love and bountiful crops. A happy earth makes a happy creature.

To get to this crunchy fest however, I have to paw my way through crowds. So it is no shocking happenstance that I meet lots of unhelpful people. Mothers teaching their children about the cute really get me.

I once had a fight with a mother over teachable moments. Instead of telling her child all about working dogs, she pointed out the cute & encouraged a pet. Really, I wasn’t raised to pet random dogs or people. I certainly didn’t think it wise to pet strange anythings without asking first….and receiving permission.

But parents of humans and all creatures really don’t want you to step in and start trickin their lessons. So my “teach your kid *not* to interact with working dogs” was a total smack in the face of her parenting skills. Fuck my life.

Parents, do the right thing. Don’t just teach your children to not stare, not touch, not comment; encourage discussion of difference and similarities. Disability is not a bedtime monster, running from it in the street or on the bus will just breed further ignorance, fear and hate.

And then I’ll have to get all up in your parenting and have one of them unsolicited teachable moments…we’ll fight and I’ll say something about your ability to procreate being a poor life choice. Not fun for anyone!


2 responses to “I just love to be BADD

  1. Indeed – I so appreciate when parents educate their children in a matter of fact way and communicate with me rather than my dog.


  2. Indeed!


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