Thing I kinda like – “Famous Disabled Person” database

After removing my foot from the center of my busted television screen and vowing to never again watch Glee or Lost again (something I’ll promptly forget on Sunday), I went hunting for some warm fuzzies. The internet is not chock full of warm disabled fuzzies as I hoped, often what able-bodied people find humorous simply isn’t. But a little google-fu came through for me and I found this awesome-sauce database.

This famous-disabled-person database exists on the Red Disability site. I had no idea these left-wing working class folk working for disability rights existed! They sound like my people! And here they are, building an inclusive and accessible website and promoting the successes of people with disabilities, owning the fact that disability does not necessarily inform success. In their’ own words:

The aim of Red Disability’s “Famous People with Disabilities” section is to be inclusive of people across the disability spectrum, and to concentrate on the people and their achievements – after all, it is their achievements what made them famous in the first place, not (at least not directly) their disabilities.

Indeed there are names of people I didn’t even know where disabled! Did you know Alice Cooper has asthma? Me too! Elton John has epilepsy!! Tom Cruise has dyslexia and an avid devotion to Scientology. The breadth of category and span of time is impressive. While asthma isn’t something I think of as disabling (maybe because I’ve had it since I was a baby child and can’t own that on top of all my other disabling things) it’s nice to see how many heavy metal and hard-core rockers are puffing at albuterol like me. Geeks unite!

So there you have it. A little bit of happy on a Thursday morning to balance out the blood-boiling fail of media this week.


3 responses to “Thing I kinda like – “Famous Disabled Person” database

  1. Much love and appreciation from your favorite (I hope) fat asthmatic narcoleptic of color.


  2. xoxoxoxoxo


  3. “Tom Cruise has dyslexia and an avid devotion to Scientology.”

    Ahahahaha! Heeee.


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