Awesomeness. It’s here.

Later this week I will pontificate deeply and hard…ly. Today though, I wanted to share some sassy hotness. Courtesy of the internet and my friend sparkymonster, I was introduced to this amazing picture:

woman in amazing black dress, giant hat and silver jewelry stands jauntily with a white cane

You guys, you don’t even know. What was described to me was an amazingly saucy woman wearing a divine black dress, jaunty hat and slammin’ silver jewelry posing with a white cane. Presumably that is her cane, used to assist in mobility because she is visually impaired/low-vision or blind. Wait, what?

Yes. This fabulously fashionable, clearly divine woman modeling her sass and pizzazz is most notably visually impaired or blind.  Why is this important to point out? Why can’t I just appreciate her fierceness as fierceness and move on? Because…it’s so rare to see a visibly PWD in any media given any type of posturing that would assuage from inspirational tear-jerking that to see this makes my little heart pitter patter.

Rock on, fierce people with disabilities. Rock on.


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