Help Me Keep My Job!!!

A few phone or email based ways to help
1. Contact PearsonVue, makers of the MTEL and tell them this is wrong. 800-989-8532. Remind them of the legal requirement to make all digital examinations accessible to persons using assistive technology. Also point out that providing two versions of the same test to one disabled applicant does not equal an accessible accommodation. 

2. Contact Judy Sohn-White, educator policy, preparation and leadership, DESE 781-338-6600 xt. 6254. Tell her this is wrong. Ask her to allow my application for educator licensure to be approved without requiring the Reading Subtest of the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTELs) – because they are inaccessible and illegal.

3. Contact Commissioner Mitchell D. Chester, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Tell him that requiring applicants for educator licensing in Massachusetts to pass a test in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Tech Act is not only unconscionable but just plain wrong. Kindly point him in the direction of my case. I need my licensure in Educational Technology or I loose my job.
  • Email Commissioner Chester –
  • Call Commissioner Chester’s office – 781-338-3000 
  • Send a letter: 75 Pleasant Street, Malden MA 02148 USA
3. Contact Cindy Wills and Caroline Bertrand, MTEL alternative testing accommodations coordinator (at PearsonVue) and tell her this is wrong. There’s no direct line, but the MTEL number is 413-256-2892. Please make it clear that the test is not accessible until I can both read and respond using assistive technology.

I”m preparing a file with the Department of Justice, after talking through this with their’ ADA hotline. Again, thank you. I’m so beaten down by this whole thing.


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